Kanarra Hills Labs
Kanarraville, UT
Kanarra Hills Labs

Quality AKC Yellow Labrador Retrievers
Ranging from light cream to fox red


Our goal is to produce labrador retrievers with a classic overall type, heartfelt expressions, superb hunting ability and the gentle, loving temperment only a labrador retriever can bring.



 During my younger years, throughout high school to my early 30's, my life was devoted to my dogs and  showing in the conformation ring.  My business then began to dictate my time and my life.  I am now semi-retired, and over the past few years have begun to rebuild our kennel and breeding program.  Since we enjoy hunting and the outdoors, our focus is labs that can go from show ring to field and be competitive in both.  We now have a small kennel located in the mountains of Colorado, and feel we have an exceptional group for future generations. 


We are now located just south of Breckenridge, CO among some of the worlds finest skiing

Martina Tatarek
Kanarra Hills Labs
3002 Hwy 91
Leadville, CO  80461











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